Speaking Topics

"The Pound The Rock session is one that our leaders still talk about 2 years later! It was not just a great session, it has truly changed the way we lead people and win business."

Founder $100 million and INC 1000 company


Pound the rock

The Pound The Rock session explores my 10-year study of the San Antonio Spurs. It uncovers how they built a legacy of championships through their focus on Identity, Culture and Fit. Learn how to build out your own championship team!


the goldfish glitch

The Goldfish Glitch session is a discussion about how a study on the attention span of goldfish versus humans, opened my eyes to the potential of thinking small. This session shows people the power of thinking small to lead breakthrough transformation.


Ownership mentality

The Ownership Mentality session reveals how building a successful startup taught me keys to being exceptional at work and life. Learn the 3 keys that will increase your success from ordinary to extrordinary!